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European Training and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology

Radiation biology for medical physicists in radiology



A practical challenge to be solved: how to optimize exposures using radiobiology as a guide?

One of the responsibilities of a Medical Physics Expert (MPE) is to provide advice on the safety of planned and unplanned exposures to patients, staff, and the public from radiological procedures. The quality of advice and counseling and the decision-making in unplanned exposure situations requires the knowledge of the radiobiological processes which lead to the different potential health impairment of the affected persons. This course will provide a thorough understanding of the biological response of humans to radiation exposure, as well as the radiobiological basis for estimating subsequent risks.

Lead: A. Ottolenghi, G.Baiocco, Radiobiology and Radiation Biophysics Group, Physics Department of the University of Pavia - UNIPV


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